Israel – the smallest “superpower” in the world

Anyone willing to settle and live in Israel is not attracted by its vast area. Israel is a small country located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It can be crossed along its length from north to south in just one day. But even though it does not excel in size, it surely excels in many other aspects.

Jewish nation

The Israeli people are incredibly warm and welcoming towards immigrants, tourists, as well as foreign workers, showing empathy and a sincere desire to help the one in need. Israel is one of the few countries in the world where if a person collapses on the street, everyone around would hurry to assist. People get out of the vehicle to help others in case of an accident, as well as in case of a flat tire or battery disfunction.

Economy and growth

Israel’s economy shows unexpected stability, considering international markets fluctuations and severe shocks. Its growth rates are among the highest in the world, the national currency has been revealed in recent years as a stable and reliable one and keeps strengthening its position.

Science and Technology

Israel is a developed and high-tech Western country. It is one of the few countries in the world to launch space satellites and is known worldwide as a high-tech powerhouse and a technology exporter in various fields.


The healthcare system in Israel provides its residents professional and quality health services. The Israeli healthcare is rated among the best in the world and the health insurances in Israel provide the beneficiaries with a large variety of medicines and treatments. Israel is also considered a pioneer in the medical research field and Israeli doctors enjoy international recognition for scientific discoveries and developments in various medical fields.

Tourist attractions

Although Israel is a small country – it offers an overwhelming variety of landscapes, exciting archeological finds and beautiful tourist sites that attract tourists from all over the world. Luxury hotels and cabins form the infrastructure for accommodating multiple tourists who arrive to sunbathe, relax and have a good time.


Tourists who come to Israel get the impression that life there is a never-ending party. Cultural life offers all kinds of shows, events, festivals with talented performers, whose audience fills stadiums and parks. In Israeli cities one can find many cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs full of visitors at any time – day or night.