Working in Israel – our way of integration

Anyone considering employment options in Israel would be happy to dispel the fears involved with relocation to a different country. What would the sources of income be, are decent apartments available, how hard is the adaptation to the Hebrew language, the local mentality, the general conditions, the people, the culture and even landscapes? – All of these questions are rather disturbing and demand answers. Sometimes they are the reason that relocation is removed from the personal  agenda.


Israel For You was established to address the Law of Return beneficiaries around the world. We offer an all-new approach to employment in Israel, the main point of which is to provide solutions to concerns and dispel the fog of uncertainty over fundamental relocation issues.

Our model is based on an operational necessity as well as on a desire to offer support to the beneficiaries all over the world. As a company committed to  service quality, we prefer long-term employment and we are willing to invest in our employees and their well-being, to keep them with us and enable them to develop their careers. We offer excellent working conditions alongside an opportunity to learn the customs of Israel during the employment period while you enjoy general support and good living conditions.

What does our integration program include for the Law of Return beneficiaries?

  • Assistance in arranging a Repatriation Eligibility Certificate.
  • Assistance in obtaining a work visa at the Israeli Embassy in your country of origin.
  • Option of receiving a flight ticket.
  • A wide variety of jobs all over the country.
  • Permanent, orderly work and a fair wage.
  • Social benefits.
  • Private health insurance.
  • Subsidized quality housing.
  • Subsidized meals (in some workplaces).
  • Travel from place of residence to work and back.
  • Support by professionals available 24/7 for the entire period of your stay in Israel.

Why should Law of Return beneficiaries work in Israel?

Legal status – Employees hired in Israel enjoy an absolutely legal status and are warmly welcomed both by the state authorities and by Israeli society.

Conditions – Flights, improved living conditions, transportation, legal salaries, social conditions and full insurance.

Social integration – The Israeli community welcomes those, who are entitled to repatriation. You will be surprised to discover how much help and goodwill the Israeli people show towards everyone who comes to work in Israel.