Easily Finding a Job for People
Eligible for the Law of Return

The ISRAELFORU Project was established to provide solutions to people worldwide who are eligible under the
Law of Return and are interested in working in Israel, getting to know the country, and enhancing their standard of living.

Excellent Working Conditions in Israel

The ISRAELFORU Project provides employment solutions for short,
medium, and long-term periods including professional training for designated positions based on suitability and need – while maintaining good working conditions and investing in the well-being of the employees.

A Unique Route to the Israeli Experience

The ISRAELFORU Project offers a unique route to the Israeli Experience for anyone around the world who is eligible.

The route we provide enables you to combine a suitable position at work with fun and
traveling within the most beautiful country on earth.

We offer positions country-wide and maintain an extensive database of jobs in the fields of industry,
hospitality, construction, high-tech, service, stage, and a variety of other positions.

Want to work in Israel subject to the Law of Return and benefit from all possibilities?
Our agents are here to assist you – we will gladly answer any questions you may have!